Leadership Education

COM 267L

To complete the LAS protocol, the members must take the required ‘leadership’ classes. This year, the required classes were PSYL 100, Intro to Psychology, and COM 267L, Intro to Debate. I was unable to take PSY 100L, so my only cohort class was debate. It was an interesting class to say the least. There were many mixed feelings on the professor, and the las in general. A lot of people really didn’t like him or the class, but I didn’t not enjoy it. I was a pretty good speaker in high school and spoke in front of the school a lot and even debated my high school speech teacher, so i wasn’t too worried about the course.

The course was pretty much all I expected it to be, with the exception that I thought I was in a philosophy class some of the time because all we really talked about rhetoric and morals and ethics and persuasion. But we still debated and it was a pretty straight forward class. In regards to leadership, I really feel that my leadership skills didn’t grow at all like I thought they were going to. I feel I am a better debtor, but other than that, I am the same leader i was yesterday.

I did enjoy the class though and am glad I “had” to take it. 


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