Gladwin Bands Drum Major 2013-2014 — My experience as the Drum Major for Gladwin Marching Band is still one of my proudest accomplishment and I still feel so honored to be selected from my fierce competition. This leadership role probably taught me the most about not only how I function as a leader, but also how I could grow more as a leader.

Gladwin Choir “Wings of Harmony” Student Director 2013-2014 — This role was a bit more difficult than being Drum Major of the band just because of the different people it involved. I am thankful for the stressful experience though, because it did help me develop my leadership style more, and allowed me to interact with a more difficult crowd. This ultimately prepared me to stay positive in though situations, and to be adaptive in regards to the people I am working with.

Gail Wildfong School of Dance Assistant Dance Teacher 2010-2014 — As an assistant teacher at my dance studio, I was always surrounded with different types of people, and had to adapt my leadership style accordingly. One class would be full of 3-year-olds, and the next would be full of 12-year-olds, and within those classes, there were varying degrees of skill technique as well as learning ability. It helped me become versatile with how I interact with others.

National Honor Society President 2013-2014 — My experience as my schools NHS president was definitely hard work, but extremely rewarding. It helped me learn how to delegate tasks efficiently and properly, and I also developed better organizational/event planning skills since we put on many fundraisers and events.

Gladwin Youth Action Council President 2013-2014 — This experience taught me to be patient, and to be able to work with what I have. This program lacked constant participation, so at times, it was hard to organize meetings or plan anything ahead of time. I learned to be patient, though, and it has really helped me throughout my other experiences.

Gladwin High School Senior Class President, Executive Council Vice President 2013-2014, Executive Council Treasurer 2012-2013 — My time on the Student Council really helped me not only make relationships with the students in my class, but also develop professional relationships with teachers and other faculty in my school. I believe professionalism is something that should be taken very seriously, and this role helped me develop that.

Gladwin High School Key Club Member 2010-2014 — Although I didn’t hold a leadership role within this group, I was still an active participant and volunteered a lot of my time.


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