St. John’s Episcopal Church Choir — My brother has been singing in this church choir ever since his freshman year at CMU, and I loved it whenever I came to visit him, so I decided to volunteer. It’s a great way to network and talk with people outside of just CMU, but still in the Mt. Pleasant community. My church choir is like second family with how much they care and are interested in my life. Being in this choir has definitely taught me a better sense of community.

Humane Animal Treatment Society-Student Chapter — My love for animals is greater than for most people, so I found it quite necessary for me to join this RSO. I get to volunteer at the animal shelter by walking dogs and paying with cats, and I also get to fundraise to help the animals in need. My experience with HATS has been great, and I plan to keep up with it throughout college.

CMU Concert Choir — I was involved with the Concert Choir here at CMU for my first semester, but unfortunately had to step back due to time conflicts within my schedule. Choir is a great way to get to know people and to have fun, all while doing what we all love: singing. With my involvement in choir, I have learned how to work better in group settings, and especially how to solve problems regarding conflicting interests.


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