COM 461L

While this 9:30 Tuesday/Thursday class is not nearly as early as early 8 am philosophy last semester, it’s still pretty early to be learning, but I try to manage. COM 461 L is one of the only “Leadership” courses I have taken at CMU for my leadership minor that directly relates to leadership as a […]

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Residential Experience

Sweeney This year, to meet our residential living requirement, I am living in Sweeney Hall with two other LASers and one other girl. I met Sam and Chelsea the first day I moved into Barnes last year, and we have been friends every since, and I met Sara shortly thereafter. Having friendly roommates this year […]

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HDF 110

8 week online classes… gifts from God or work of the Devil? A little of both I suppose, I’m still not quite sure. But what I do know, is that while I took HDF 110 as an 8 week online class, although it was terrible at times, it may be the one class at CMU […]

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