Public Speaking: In high school, I took a speech class, and found a joy for speaking in front of people. We debated in that class, game informational speeches, memorized speeches and even read children’s book to the class. In school, because of this class, I got the opportunity to lead pep assemblies and it taught me skills that I used in all of my leadership positions.

Event Planning: In high school, I help a leadership role in a variety of clubs, and from being in those, I learned how to properly plan events. I also got skills from my time as a banquet sever at the restaurant I used to work at. It’s important to have event management skills in leadership, because organizing events is not as easy as it looks sometimes.

Facilitation: During LAS in the D, we facilitated activities with students at a leadership academy, and that was probably my first time ever really facilitating, other than during class time in LDR 200. Facilitation is important, especially with debriefing and capturing the big picture from and activity with a group  of people.

Strategic Planning: As a hostess and waitress at the restaurant I used to work at, I had to perform duties that entailed thinking and planing ahead, like what time to deliver meals and drinks, and where to seat customers. It was actually very tricky sometimes, but with this experience, I learned strategic planning skills which can come in handy with pretty much everything.


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