(SMART) Goals

S(pecific)- As a leader, I will strive to set  good example for those around me, I will maintain above a 3.5 GPA, and I will take on more leadership opportunities that will come my way, all while keeping a positive attitude.

M(easurable)- I will measure my goals by always keeping up with my grades online and studying ore as needed, being more conscious of how I hold myself in front of others, applying/signing up for the many opportunities presented to be, and always making sure I’m keeping a positive outlook.

A(ttainable)- I will always keep reminding myself what goals I have listed for me, and to help remember, I have made a list of my main specific goals and put them on my way in my room. This way, whenever I see the list, I will remember what my goals are, how I will accomplish them, and why I have them in the first place.

R(ealistic?)- I believe my goals are very realistic and attainable, and with hard work and dedication to my goals, I will see them eventually.

T(ime)- While some of these goals are more long term than others, my main timeframe here was just broadly throughout college. I will keep my grades up and volunteer each semester to make the goals seem more measurable. My goal about keeping positive is more of a life-long goal that I want to always maintain.


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