Events Staff

The CMU School of Music (aka. my second home) is what I chose to do for my second RSO Reflection because since I have three jobs, and am taking a full course load, I don’t necessarily have the time to be in 2 RSO’s. This RSO I have been working for the School of Music for […]

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The team I was on this year was the Social Lead team. We organize social events for all of LAS. This year, we planned LAS on ICE, which was an ice skating trip to the local arena, and LAS in the D, which is a trip to a Tiger’s game that will take place in […]

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For our Leadership 200L course, we participated in a Lead Chat on twitter that discussed our thoughts on being a mentor/having a mentee. Q1: What qualities do you look for in a mentor? #LeadChat A mentor should be someone who is uplifting and who inspires you/pushes you to be the best person you can be. In […]

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Alpha Leadership 2014

Alpha Leadership is a program at CMU open to anyone who wants to improve and learn more about their leadership skills, as well as learn the different kinds of leadership styles. We met every Thursday from 6-8 pm for 5 weeks throughout October and every week, there was a different dress theme (which made it super […]

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Leadership Safari 2014

I was both completely terrified and completely excited to participate in Leadership Safari 2014. I was all by myself with nearly 2,000 people I didn’t know and I really had no idea what to expect. Safari consisted of several different activities with all 2000 of us and with our small groups made up of about 10 […]

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