Community, Leadership Education

Community Service 2017

Each fall, the Nonprofit Leadership student Alliance organizes a community service project along with the Department of Political Science and Public Administration. This year, the group, along with faculty members, chose to volunteer with the Community Compassion Network. The event we volunteered at was in partnership with the Mobile Food Pantry and was held at the Sacred Heart School Gym. Our group, along with other community volunteers, aided in serving non-perishable food items to community members in aid. 23434877_10100108290377791_5427865816636314970_n

This event was a great one to volunteer for. Many community members rely on the food donated by CCN to feed themselves and their families. When I arrived at 8am, there was already a line extending around the gym. While I was aware that there were people in need of basic items, and that Isabella county has a higher rate of impoverished people, it wasn’t until volunteering at this event that made it real for me. It was a very challenging event to volunteer for as it was difficult to see impoverished individuals before me and seem at a loss of how to help them, other than the food we were giving away. But it was also a rewarding experience. Community Compassion Network, and many other great nonprofits in the Isabella Country area, are all doing a great job of helping to aid individuals in need. I am glad I chose the field of woking in Nonprofit Administration, so that I can also be of help to someone someday.


Leadership Development

President Ross

When the President of CMU came to speak to my LAS cohort, I definitely realized that what everyone else says about President Ross is true; he’s not like other presidents in the regard that he goes out of his way to make a personal connection to the students at CMU. Although it was an organized event, many other university presidents would be much to busy to speak to a group of students, but not ours. President Ross talked for a while and then there was time for Q&A. He shared many personal stories with us about his lowly childhood and he even shared items on his bucket list with us.

We asked him what his advice was to his students and he said first to go to class, then he said that we should take every opportunity that is handed to us. The president had recently been in the running for president of the university of Nebraska. He said it was a hard decision for him to make whether or not he would accept the invitation or not. But then he said he realized he needed to take it because if he didn’t, he wouldn’t be following the advice that he offers every student here at CMU.

He really is an interesting person and I’m very glad and honored that I got a chance to speak with him live. After hearing his advice, I will definitely try to take every opportunity when it is handed to me. He is an inspiration to me because he has made so much out of so little, and I am glad he’s the one who leads this school.